An elegant brand guideline tool for fast evolving companies

This digital brand guideline tool an intelligent way to create, manage and distribute branding guidelines.

Always up-to-date, always online

Brands need to remain consistent and coherent — this is how their message can resonate with their audience beyond the use of words, images and logos. The entire identity must always coalesce whether it’s on social media, traditional advertising or a business card. To this end, companies often use brand guidelines, typically created by their branding agency.

Searchable and instantly organised

Brand guidelines consist of several chapters describing the ‘rules’ of the brand in detail: Typography, colour palettes, logo usage, image style, tone of voice, illustrations and so on. So far, the guidelines existed in print or on a PDF, which takes weeks to make and days to edit. The overhead is unsustainable, especially in a world in which brands move fast and the markets even faster. The solution has to be searchable and instantly organises vast amounts of content that is accessible across all devices.

A great partnership and an effective solution

SomeOne approached us with a brilliant idea — putting guidelines online, as a flexible, easy-to-update tool which both clients and agencies can co-manage at any given point in the brand’s story. Seb Azzo looked very closely at what SomeOne where already creating for their clients, we took the best parts of that process and created a totally new, streamlined workflow. The online tool gives designers the ability to drag and drop all the assets on the interface and create the guideline structure within minutes. It is not only fast, but looks beautiful, too.

cloudlines brand guidelines

Full-featured & time-saving

With the digital guidelines tool, non-technical people can build and manage their guidelines within minutes.

cloudlines brand guidelines

A collaborative tool

By inviting everyone involved in brand management to the system, multiple users can work on the guidelines tool at the same time.

Asset management

With the digital guidelines tool, brands can share all of their assets like images and logos with the world using asset management. No more emails with outdated versions of the logo.

An elegant brand guideline tool for fast evolving brands