eLearning software

We build custom and multi-platform eLearning training software for companies of all sizes.

elearning software by seb azzo

Course and Quiz builders

In eLearning, presentation is key. A good and assessment builder can elevate your learner’s experience into an engaging and inspiring one.

Multilingual platforms

Growing businesses face the challenges that come with an international workforce. A good eLearning platform should be equipped with translations and multilingual content.

Powerful admin tools

We build training software that is fun for learners and rewarding for managers. Every eLearning platform is equipped with reliable admin features like reporting and asset management.

elearning software by Seb Azzo

Integrations (ex: Yammer)

Company-wide software implementation can be disruptive, this is why we support a multitude of integrations with popular platforms like Yammer, Slack and Dropbox.

eLearning software by Seb Azzo

Other eLearning software services

Multiplatform products

Content creation

Content upload

Content translation

Mobile apps

Blended learning


Global learning

Reporting features

What people say…

We know that building and maintaining eLearning software can be a distraction for your business. This is why Accor Group trust us to support their digital training.

Success stories

Learn how brands like Accor Group and Novotel use our training software

Accor Group

A global e-learning solution in 3 months

Novotel Hotels

Helping a hotel chain shape its 
digital training future

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