Butterfly London

Simplifying consumer research for the world’s biggest brands

Podium Research is a simple yet powerful tool for marketing teams seeking fast answers.

The next step for consumer research

Butterfly London are a cutting edge brand strategy agency. Their gaol is to supply clients with validated and market-ready ideas — this doesn’t come easy. The ideation team conducts rigorous research to find out what customers need and how that should be positioned. The bundle of data and results is sent to the client. Big budgets hang in the balance of deep market insights, and we where asked to reinforce the process with a tool that introduces further clarity and robustness into market prediction.

Tangible results, on time.

Podium Research is a discovery tool that takes hundreds of inputed product ideas and gets them compared and ranked by hundreds of people around the world from many different regions and cultural backgrounds. It does all the heavy lifting by presenting users with an array of options within a timeframe. Podium then delivers crystal clear indications around which product ideas are more and least likely to succeed, together with the reason for the customer’s choice. Reliable data introduces educated assessments around marketing ideas that were not previously available.

Insights and metrics

Using the built-in analytics, the creative agency can drill deeper into the data and understand the motivations behind choices of specific individuals, regions or genders.

Butterfly London
An agile, easy to use research platform for marketing agencies seeking answers