Accor Hotels

A global employee learning & development solution

Seb Azzo developed the Accor Business Campus, a new learning platform for 250,000 hotel employees.

Empowering a global workforce

The Accor Business Campus is designed to train a global workforce in revenue management. Through the robust platform, management around the world can reach staff in 6 languages spread across 95 countries, on and from any device.

Ready, set, go!

The product was designed and developed in 6 sprints. We built prototypes rapidly, user tested routinely and shipped product features at the end of every sprint. The clockwork nature of our approach lead to an episodic, highly customisable elearning platform. We made sure management could measure their team’s learning success from day 1, and that content upload was a breeze.

6 languages, 95 countries

The Accor Business Campus is wide-reaching and designed for a fast global enterprise that expands year on year

Mobile ready

Every aspect of the Accor Business Campus is accessible by learners around the world through their own mobile devices; be it mobile phones or tablets.

Fast, engaging quizzes!

General managers and trainers can test their employees’ knowledge with brief, lighthearted easy-to-make quizzes.

Multimedia questions

Quiz questions can include video, images or audio, or set against a timer.

A beautiful experience

The Accor Business Campus was designed with young learners in mind, with illustration and animation playing a key role in the experience.

Performance up 50%

Employees within Accor Group are proactively leveling-up via the Accor Business Campus

Accor Hotels
We make e-learning solutions for Accor Group’s 250,000 employees