Ibis Hotels

Launching the UK’s first hospitality mobile learning game

A gamified learning experience for Ibis UK employees

A Gamified eLearning Experience

Seb Azzo has worked closely with Ibis Hotels since 2012. We are proud to have been part some of the chain’s largest employee training programme to date, with elearning game Ibis Campus responsible for training 1000 of its staff anually.


Custom content libraries

Ibis Campus holds vast amounts of information around company values, procedures and tips for the food and beverage department of the hotel chain. Training managers can create content and tag it with different categories for employees to find with ease. This knowledge base is later used to create questions and answers, and for employees to find information when they fail a quiz or are unable to answer a question.

1,000 employees

Ibis Campus trains all of ibis UK Food & Beverage staff members

How Does Ibis Campus Work?

Ibis Campus is a mobile training game for the Ibis hotel staff. The game trains and assesses users through a set of simple and engaging time-based quiz rounds, by which employees can challenge each other for points. For every good performance, employees are rewarded with badges as they unlock more levels which are represented by illustrated levels and departments within the hotel. Each hotel and employee is then ranked on a leaderboard based on the performance in the Ibis Campus simulation.

Time based quizzes

Like with many other learning products we build and support for other companies, we gamified the experience to create healthy competition and engagement around the learning. In Ibis Campus, employees are faced with timed quizzes, performance-based badges and a leaderboard. The quicker the correct response comes in, higher up they climb up the leaderboard!

Challenges between colleagues in different regions

A great feature of Ibis Campus is the ability to challenge colleagues in specific regions or hotels. This allows staff to challenge the strongest people on the leaderboard, or ‘opponents’ in other hotels and countries. By introducing this regional dynamic, Ibis Campus helps break down barriers between geographically dispersed teams.

Earn points, badges and climb up the leaderboard

Gamification goes beyond timed quizzes. In Ibis Campus, employees will start earning points as their performance improves. The more points a staff member earns the higher the chance of unlocking badges which in turn are stored in the user’s profile. As the badges accumulate, and as employees ascend up the leaderboard, other colleagues will work harder to achieve a similar position. In order to maintain this momentum, mini-games are introduced into the platform


Mini-games are small, fun games which are only available to those performing exceptionally well. They are completely unrelated to the learning experience and content, and simply act as a brief break from the quiz environment to those who earn it. Each mini-game comes with its own leaderboard for those want to achieve more points and a higher ranking. The more badges one unlocks in Ibis Campus, the better the chances of unlocking the next mini-game!

52 Ibis hotels

The eLearning product forms part of training programmes for 52 hotels across the UK

Ibis Hotels
Launching the UK’s first hospitality e-learning game