Uniworld Cruises

Training a worldwide cruise workforce with gamified elearning

A mobile training game that brings together a globally dispersed workforce.

Always on, with or without internet.

In 2015, the great people at Uniworld were looking for a partner to produce their first digital learning product for their teams that can also work with limited on-ship internet. Seb Azzo was enthralled by the challenge and joined forces with Uniworld to produce a game that entertains and informs in equal measure.

Thriving despite restrictions

We immersed ourselves in the Uniworld experience and built something that the onboard staff could really find value in. We went on the ships and spoke to the teams, held a two-day workshop with management and made sure we kicked off design with a clear understanding of the different parameters: Slow internet speeds, a strict policy around mobile devices during work hours, and a widely dispersed workforce.


Sofia Uniworld, a non-compulsory app, was downloaded more than 1,000 times by ship staff

Offline mode

We designed Sofia Uniworld to work with very slow internet speeds or no connection at all.

Uniworld Cruises
An e-learning game for a global cruise operator’s workforce