Develop a confident team with Akimbo

Akimbo is an employee training tool designed for managers and employees. It comes ready with compliance courses.

Automate employee induction, compliance training & development.

Easy content creation

Build your media-rich courses in minutes using our intuitive course authoring tools that are featured in each of our LMS tools.

Advanced grading & reporting

Automate your workforce development with regular refresher courses and assessments, and generate detailed reports in seconds.

Automated certification

Make use of our accredited compliance courses, or build your own and export all your certificates in PDF.

Full mobile support

Our Learning Management Systems are fully mobile supported for all platforms and mobile devices including phones and tablets.


Seb Azzo LMS interfaces and course content are available in several languages. In-house made content can be instantly translated.


All Seb Azzo eLearning platforms are customisable for unique company requirements and brand customisation.

Go Akimbo

Engaging employee training tools, for companies of all sizes

1. Compliance Training LMS

Deliver all your global compliance training, refresher courses and certification from one place. The LMS includes:

• Compliance courses & assessments
• Certificates and transcripts
• Advanced reporting

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2. Quiz based LMS

Allow members of your team to challenge each other on company knowledge with a gamified quiz-based LMS. It includes:

• A Leaderboard
• Gamification including rewards
• A powerful quiz builder

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3. Video based LMS

Upload several episodes of video training to your global workforce.

• Text-to-speech
• Unlimited video uploads
• Asset management

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4. Gamified LMS

Reward those who access the tool, show initiative to learn and progress over time, with badges, mini-games and more! The LMS includes:

• Badges and leaderboards
• Mini-games
• Goal-oriented training

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All our eLearning platforms include…

Unlimited course creation

Unlimited assessments

Unlimited registered users

Automated grading

Inbuilt certification

Fully custom branding

Tracking and reporting

Multiplatform support

Third-party integrations

You’re in great company 😊

Engaging employee training tools, for companies of all sizes

“Creating anything new is terrifying as it involves risk, Seb Azzo removes a lot of that worry by applying smart practice throughout the project.”

“Simon Manchipp Co-Founder of SomeOne”

Case studies

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