Content creation

Course authoring with custom video, image galleries and text for any industry.

Develop your team with training material that works, and that’s designed for them

Written by trainers

Course content is professionally written by industry trainers and instructional designers with a deep understanding of the subject matter.

Compliance and Skills courses

Seb Azzo helps organisations operating in regulated industries with creating compliance courses as well as skills courses.

Video training

Some things, like procedures and techniques, are best demonstrated. Video is the best way to do explain and engage.

Translatable in 22 languages

Industries are made up of a diverse group of people hailing from different nations. Our content can be translated in all major languages.

Images and Illustrations

Great images and illustrations can make all the difference in the credibility and effectiveness of a training course.

Easy to follow

All our courses are tested and validated before being presented to learners. Content then continues to be refined with feedback.

A complete content solution

Launch your training solution on time.

1. Identify knowledge gaps

Every good course starts with a problem: What does my team need to know more of? In other words, a knowledge gap.

Before we design, create and implement a course, our instructional designers will work with managers to understand the skills gap.

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2. Design and create content

Course content is designed with a combination of text, images, illustrations and videos.

Content can be created in collaboration with your management team and employees through a series of workshops, thereby ensuring a relatable, effective and informative set of learning material for your organisation.

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3. Implement and refine

Once the courses are implemented, our Learning Management System begins to collect feedback from learners, to identify any areas of weakness on which we can improve.

Once a course has been refined, we will keep a close eye on the metrics and the skills gap we set out to close.

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Engaging course content, for companies of all sizes

“Creating anything new is terrifying as it involves risk, Seb Azzo removes a lot of that worry by applying smart practice throughout the project.”

“Simon Manchipp Co-Founder of SomeOne”

Case studies

Learn how brands like Accor Group and Novotel use our training software

Accor Group

A global e-learning solution in 3 months

Novotel Hotels

Helping a hotel chain shape its 
digital training future

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