Helping Accor Group train over 250,000 employees worldwide!

For the past few years we’ve had the great pleasure of working closely together with Accor Group to develop and deliver training to their staff, both in the UK and worldwide! Along that journey we’ve evolved not only the visual experience of our tools but also the way in which training is delivered and understood.

As the group’s global digital presence grows, they require a tool that will consistently deliver valuable training across multiple locations and languages, in an engaging, fun and easy-to-use way. This is where Digit’all comes into play – Accor Group’s first mobile-first product, that has so far trained over 250,000 employees across 94 countries!

Described as ‘The Netflix of Training’, Digit’all is designed to deliver content episodically. Rather than being inundated with an overwhelming amount of training, we trickle in content on a week by week schedule. This gives staff the ability to learn at their own pace and more importantly digest the information that they’ve learned. After all, the ultimate goal for any training tool is for staff to remember and process what you’re delivering to them.

Employing tried and tested techniques such as gamification and personalisation, we integrated Digit’all within existing company platforms. Staff can log in with their existing Yammer accounts and import all their information in one click. We reduced the time and friction that comes with signing up to new tools and made it quicker than ever for staff to join up and start training!

With a powerful CMS behind Digit’all, trainers can create campaigns easily while analysing team performance for timely corrective action. Trainers can also upload multiple translations of content, making it easier than ever to make sure that all staff, across all countries and languages are up-to-date on all the latest training.

Seb Azzo was founded around the core values of great design and user experience. In recent years we’ve found that our passion for these values has led us to creating eLearning tools that truly engage with staff and produce real results! None more so does this ring true than with Digit’all.

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