How We’re Upgrading eLearning User Experience With Innform

There are no new rules when it comes to developing people using eLearning, the game hasn’t changed. It is a story of humans guiding humans in doing something they both care about. For that to take place, you need talented trainers, good material and yes – the right environment.

Here’s five ways we strive to build the right learning environment (user experience) within Innform.

1. By putting humans first

The goal of good UX design is to gain trust – trust from the person using your product. Trust is important, because with it interfaces, systems and even companies can make mistakes without risking losing users. Those who understand a vision are more forgiving, because when a users puts trusts in you and your software and believes in what you strive for as a team, they will stick with you through thick and thin.

Trust can be established by putting humans first in our design. With Innform, the design team is primarily focussed on creating an environment in which learners can easily and effectively contact their managers – people – not bots or FAQs, whenever they have a important query. With this kind of communication an eLearning experience can be more than a collection of courses and quizzes, but becomes a safe and empowering journey.

2. By empowering trainers

For too long, trainers have had to put up with labour-intensive content tools. This, coupled with asset management and version control can often reduce a training experience to a content management slog.

We’ve said this before – teaching and imparting knowledge should be fun and rewarding. Innform is setting out to be effortless and as hassle-free as possible, so that trainers can once again go back to building relationships with their learners, following their story within the company and seeing them develop from an intern to a valued expert.

By empowering trainers with powerful tools, we want to give them back valuable time to focus on what truly makes a difference..

3. By making the process rewarding for learners

Hospitality elearning, like any other training programme, can risk being disengaging. The recipe for this is very often boring content + a clunky user experience. But there is another factor: the absence of a feeling of accomplishment. So rather than delivering eLearning to tick a corporate box, we want to see digital training that employees actively seek out. We want to see a world where hospitality staff look forward to accessing Innform and diving into some game-changing content.

Feeling of closure and of reward is something we all yearn for – it is gifted to us when we take part in something we truly care about. People strive to join companies that can provide them with their dream job, because they want to learn how to master it. We want to bring that experience into Innform.

4. By stepping in with good course content

Can eLearning efforts falter if the content is not good enough? The simple answer is yes. We can do a lot in the way of timing and scheduling with tools like Learning Paths, but employees will not come back for more if the content isn’t up to scratch. Repeat user engagement is derived directly from a fun experience.

So we’re stepping in with some awesome, easily-customisable and concise course content – we don’t want to see trainers spending hours in Innform building courses. We want to see them connecting with learners and tracking their progress (training should be rewarding!) so our courses can ease content-anxiety (it’s a real thing!) and draw employees closer to the elearning environment.

5. By leveraging powerful integrations

This bears repeating: We do not want users to spend hours on end inside Innform. We are focussed on building a tool which is not intrusive nor it is distracting. So we’re leveraging the power of integrations to bring Innform’s knowledge to the employee instead. Thanks to tools like Yammer and Slack, trainers can present content or quizzes to their employees within their favourite environments – without shifting their attention into another software.

Innform is currently being designed and developed for a July 2018 beta launch. If you want to be a part of Innform’s journey and become an early adopter (for FREE) – sign up here or get in touch with feature ideas or feedback!

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