Seb Azzo turns five – What’s next for the London software company?

Five years ago Sebastian Hefel and Michael Azzopardi started Seb Azzo in London, a software company that designs, builds and launches digital products for global businesses. After several projects with brands like Accor Group, Uniworld and Carlsberg, the company is drawing up plans for the next 5 years. What will a decade of Seb Azzo look like? What meaningful impact do Seb and Michael want their company to have on businesses and their teams?

For co-founder Sebastian Hefel, it all started with a fascination of optimising business workflows and good user experience:

“Too many teams spend too long using out-dated software, and much of the time the issue is poor user experience design. We think people in businesses can use their time more effectively, the solution is smarter software.”

Seb Azzo (London) has been involved in various global launches for Accor Group, delivering software that reaches more than 400,000 employees every year. The positive impact of Seb Azzo’s work throughout he past 5 years is felt most on the ground and in the offices, alongside the boardrooms, as Michael puts it:

“We’re more than pleased with the results we achieved in the elearning and LMS sector, but there is always more to be done. Our focus continues to be our clients’ employees and building truly compelling learning experiences for them.”

A recurring theme within Seb Azzo is the importance of cost-effective software. The duo believe businesses should do their homework and understand what “they’re getting into” when commissioning expensive software. If it’s expensive to build, chances are it will be expensive to maintain. By building flexible modules and robust components, Seb Azzo promise their clients a sustainable, long-term product that grows with their business.

Ultimately, Sebastian and Michael are focussed on quality user experience by putting the end users first, and improving cost-effectiveness by upping the ante on modularity and sustainable software

Seb Azzo have already put their words into action with Innform, the companies first SAAS product, an employee training tool for the hospitality industry. Making big solutions more affordable will continue to be the software company’s objective.

Innform beta launches July 2018, FREE registrations now open!