Software Development

We design, build and launch mission critical software across companies of all sizes. We do that by leveraging cutting-edge technology and truly understanding users.


We believe software should solve the problems of today and unlock the possibilities of tomorrow. We plan ahead, so new opportunities are a matter of when.


Reliability is at the centre of good user experience. we build software using world-class technology to make dependable tools, so your team feels safe.

Measurable results

We develop software on the unshakable value that results are the only indicator of success. We measure the usage of every tool to build on what we know.

User-centered design

At Seb Azzo, users are the heart and soul of what we make. By listening to their evolving needs we can build validated tools that have a real impact on the business.


Robust relationships between innovative software products are what give businesses the longterm possibility of game-changing agility.


User trust is the fuel of software innovation. With over 500,000 people world-wide using our tools, security is a top priority.

Other software development services

System analysis

Migration services

Routine server backup

Responsive layouts

Mobile-ready products






We know that evolving and maintaining software can be a distraction for your business. This is why Accor Group trust us to support their digital products.

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