Five Reasons Why Innform Needs To Exist For Hospitality eLearning

For many years, trainers have been using eLearning tools to train employees around the world in various roles and skills. The benefits of eLearning are obvious: it’s faster, easier and often more effective than traditional classroom based training, but how rewarding and engaging has it been? With Innform, we want to put the fun and satisfaction back into the age-old essential life experience we call learning.

As hospitality LMS and eLearning experts, we invested years of effort into cracking the code for efficient and effective digital training, often to great success with tools like Sofia Uniworld, ABC for Accor and LifeGenius for Novotel. To do that, we needed to understand one thing:

Why do companies place the introduction of a Learning Management System so high up their list of priorities, as they so often do?

The simple answer is that a rewarding learning experience is a big reason why people join a company over another. So why not hit two birds with one stone, and make elearning awesome?

So the next step is clear. Let’s make a truly fun, rewarding eLearning tool for hospitality businesses. An eLearing product employees deserve, and make the experience what it aught to be. We made a list of five crucial things we learnt over the years and set our selves the challenge to design a product that hits all five and costs very little to the customer. We called it Innform and it’s coming in beta this July 2018.

So, why is it high time for a tool like Innform to exist? Here are the five reasons:

1 Training should be a fun and rewarding experience

For both learners and trainers. This is probably the most overlooked need in our industry. If something as important as learning new skills becomes a mundane task for the person delivering training and the person being trained, a fancy new tool with bells and whistles won’t do much in the way of workforce development.

Innform comes with an intuitive user experience and empowering flexible training features. Our goal is to make Innform’s content as fun to make and use as blog posts on Medium and as exciting as starting a Kickstarter campaign.

2 Learning is a two-way street

The surest way to frustrate a team which is eager to learn and keen to grow in their role is to blast them with a series of old, uninspiring courses. Very early on we discovered that with learning, timing is everything. But the content is pretty important too. So we ask two simple questions: What do you want to learn, and when would you like to receive it?

Innform’s Mood Polls do just that – by asking the right questions, we can craft courses and learning paths which hit the nail on the head and are just what our people need! Just think of how easier everything can be when learning becomes effortless and your employees are not only expecting content but actually want it. We also built in a set of timing features which allow managers to deploy courses over time, episodically, so that rather than bombarding our busy teams we allow them to learn at their own pace.

It’s like Netflix for the ambitious worker.

3 It’s time for course creation to become faster and way, way more effective

Our mission is to put the days of clunky, overly complicated authoring tools behind us, and for good! How many times have you spent days (if not weeks) building a course, trying to get the images to sit in the right spot, the video to load properly, the content to look half decent? Well, we feel your pain. Building course content should be a liberating task of self expression for a trainer or manager. It is a wonderful opportunity to share the wisdom we accumulate over the years.

At Innform, we invested months into building easy and powerful features to make course creation a breeze. Equipped with auto-save features and preview modes, trainers can focus on creating content that works rather than worry about the technology behind it.

4 A good eLearnng tool shouldn’t break the bank

You’ve seen it before. You find an interesting elearning product that looks like it can do the job. You decide to try it out – but wait, where’s the pricing? Elearning tools can be expensive, but the real problem is that you often need more than one solution to fulfil your entire training vision, and unclear pricing can add to the confusion.

Simple, predictive pricing will be a big part of Innform’s promise, but we also want this tool to be the only one hospitality teams will need. It will offer all the fundamental tools in one, simple monthly or annual subscription.

5 It works with the training you already do

Transitioning from traditional to digital learning can be daunting for management and confusing for staff. Which is why we always recommend blended learning. The flexibility of mixing learning techniques is great for two reasons: It gives your team the time to adjust to a brand new tool like Innform, and allows trainers to leverage the power of the automation, reporting and quiz tools that the elearning product offers, in an old familiar setting.

We believe in seamless eLearning transitions are healthier for companies. This is achieved by combining flexible training with meaningful product integrations. The latter simply means connecting Innform with your favourite internal platforms like Yammer or Slack, so that teams can login with their existing credentials and not have to create new ones. Easier, zero IT overhead and way more effective, especially when posting reminders, polls or micro-quizzes to your team.

There are currently 200 companies signed up to our Beta list and the number keeps growing each day! We’re super excited about this for one simple reason: Our message to improve hospitality eLearning is resonating, and our mission becomes reinforced with every registration.

FREE Early beta access starts July 2018 and registration is now open at