UX & UI design

Our design team is rooted in user centered values and world-class visual execution – the building blocks for intuitive experiences and beautiful interfaces.

User research

The secret to powerful and game-changing software is combining valuable user insights with business and industry knowledge.

Expert reviews

Usability audits are carried out by expert designers and offer invaluable information for ongoing improvement and long-term ROI.

Usability testing

We test our opinions and experience with users in lab and focus group sessions – every 10 days in fact, and before every critical product deployment.

Information architecture

Great content without context can be worse than no content at all. A great content hierarchy will guide users around the most complex interfaces.

UX design

User experience design is a critical step in software development. By leveraging the power of fundamental design principals, we build what users truly need.

UI design

Interfaces should be simple, intuitive layers of a complex software. Attractive interfaces tend to offer reassurance and empower high-performing teams.

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We know that evolving and maintaining software can be a distraction for your business. This is why Accor Group trust us to support their digital products.

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